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Sunday, September 14, 2008

What does "Family dog" really mean?

"Family dog" has become a popular label in the media for any dog associated with a family no matter the circumstances or relationship.
What do I consider a "Family dog?"
A family dog is one that lives in the home interacting with its people observing every day activities which allows him to establish and maintain a bond built on familiarty,
Why is this important on the Dogs & Storks blog?....simple education!
Newborns are NOT familiar to the family dog. Bringing home a blanket or baby cap for your dog to sniff is not the end of the story. It is only the beginning. Familiarity takes time and consistency. Newborns and babies are changing EVERY day which makes them new to even their parents every day! No matter what preparation has been done.....your family dog needs full supervision and guidance at all times. You and your family dog are learning about your new baby togther. SUPERVISE.
What do I consider higher risk and not falling under the "family dog" label
1. Dogs that reside outside......resident dogs. Outside dogs do not interact and observe daily routines and often do not share the same familiar bond.
2. When a baby or child is visiting a relatives home where there is a dog. The visiting baby is less familiar to that dog. The relative is family but I would not consider the dog a "family dog" to the baby as they do not have the familiar bond that they would if they were sharing a home together.
3. A relatives dog visiting the baby or child's home. Same as above. The dog is not living day in day out with the child and the parents of the child and therefore there is a lack of familiarity of bond and behavior.con
Many families feel overwhelmed once a baby arrives and some make there once "family dogs" into outside dogs. If you are feeling unsure or Please contact us and we will be glad to offer support and resources.

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