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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baby Raven playing with 4month old great dane (from you tube) Uncomfortable dog

It is never a good idea to physically force a dog over to a baby by the collar. This dog is hesitant to come over to the baby for whatever reason. A much safer way to do this is to invite the dog over and reward him for calm behavior but not force him to engage. Holding by the collar increases the feeling of being confined and not being able to get away. Several times you can hear Apollo vocalize from the conflict of the situation. This was not comfortable. Might
What could have made it better and safer?
1. Baby sitting on Mom's lap upright.
2. Call Apollo over to you.
3. Hold the baby's hand with yours over top to touch Apollo.
4. Reward Apollo for nice interaction.
This will allow him to gain trust in the interaction and build a nice association.
5. Allow him to opt out if he is not in comfortable or showing signs of stress. It is important that we respect the signs of stress our dogs offer. Pushing them past their comofort level can often get us and them into trouble. For more information about introductions and safe interaction you can visit us at

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