Resources For families with dogs and babies!

Parent education webinars Now Available!

All of our Family Paws parent education classes are led by dog professionals who have chosen to specialize in dog and child safety through the Family Paws licensed educational programs, Dogs & Storks and The Dog and Baby Connection. If you have immediate concerns and need the help of a professional we encourage you to visit our Dogs & Storks presenter locator.
This once-a-month class is offered for families with newborns up to 4 months old. This is a time when support matters and counts most!

Our team of experienced Moms and dog professionals are here to help you and guide you through this wonderful but challenging time. This is the perfect solution for new parents with dogs. Join us in your jammies and with you baby in your arms while you learn! We will cover specific topics that you need NOW as a new parent.

•Class 1: Inclusion - the importance of including your family dog in daily routines and how to include them safely and positi•Class 2: Supervision - the five (5) types of supervision and pit falls to avoid
•Class 3: So Much To Do So Little Time - simple solutions to include your dog and the very common “impulsive re-homing phase” families experience
Giggles & Wiggles Series: $29.95
This once-a-month class is offered for families with babies 4 – 8 months old. Your baby is sharing their amazing smile and is learning to move their body in ways that amaze you. Exciting changes happen every day! Join us as we discuss how to include your dog as your baby enters in this new stage of development!

•Class 1: Baby Equipment Overload! Where did your living room go!?!
•Class 2: Mealtime and Bonding, Looking at Management
•Class 3: Teething, Shrieking and Grabbing
Crawling, Walking and Dogs ... OH MY! Series: $29.95

 This stage is by far the most challenging for dogs. This once-a-month class will cover many topics to help increase safety between your dog and baby. Our goal is to offer simple solutions that will allow your child and dog to be successful at this heightened developmental stage.

•Class 1: Subtle Signals, Body Language, What It Means, What to Do
•Class 2: Dog Zones, Kid Zones, Management Makeover
•Class 3: Grumble Zones and Growl Zones, Common Trouble Spots