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Thursday, September 11, 2008

A dog, a baby the unimaginable.

As a Mother, dog lover, one being a husky, I am so so sorry for all that this family is going through. This is beyond tragic. I am dedicated to helping prevent this type of heartache through education before and after baby arrives. This is why I began the Dogs & Storks program in 2002.
Recently some of our team of presenters were reviewing what has been taught routinely over the years as nursery rules by dog trainers. We decided to make changes to our program and new recommendations based on the availability of monitors and safety considerations. Here is what we now recommend.Nursery rules.....1. If a parent is not in the room where a baby is in a crib or bassinet the wooden door should be securely closed locking the dog out.2. We do not suggest a gate or screen door be used as a barrier.3. We recommed that parents take full advantage of the baby monitors on the market to monitor their baby.*****If there is a need to keep the nursery door ajar then an alternative option to secure the dog is to crate the dog or lock then in a room or have the dog on leash attached to an adult.
AT NO TIME should the dog ever have access to the baby without FULL adult supervision. This also means that if the new parents are sleeping the dog should be secured or the baby's room door is closed. Sleeping parents are not alert and can not be aware of their dog's actions.
PLEASE NOTE! these tips are general and are intended to increase safety and prevent another possible tragedy, not point blame or make a judgement of the Hennessy family. I have learned a great deal from my own mistakes in raising kids and dogs together and this could have been me or any one of us who have left the room for a moment. I am counting my blessings today and sending prayers to family. hope that you find the information helpful. has a dog bite victim support board for families who have experienced severe dog attacks. This too may be helpful.

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