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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Puppy adventures!

I know I know....those of you who know me are saying...what are you thinking?  A puppy!?!  Well, actually I have thought ALOT about this decision and hope that by sharing our challenges and successes that we may help many other families who adopt a dog or pup while having a toddler in the home.  Toddlers and puppies are work and require constant management and attention.  This is NOT a decision I made impulsively and I never would have chosen this when our 3 older children were toddlers.  At that time and for many years adopting an older dog between 3 and 5 years of age was the perfect option.
My decision to add a puppy at this time to our family is based on the fact that we have 3 older children who are able to help and enjoy the puppy experience.  I also am going into this fully prepared for WORK and meeting the challenges and successes we have ahead of us.  I have wanted a german shepherd pup since I was 6 years old.  After many years of rescuing dogs we have chosen to have a pup we raise from the beginning who we can include in all aspects of our lives.  we want to share in his beginning socialization stages and begin guiding his learning from the moment he enters our arms.  I was NOT ready for this years ago and am thrilled that now is the perfect time.
I am excited about this adventure and hope that by sharing our experiences others will benefit too!
So, meet Quentin our 8 week old German Shepherd Puppy.  The name Quentin means "5th born child."  So appropriate!

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