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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Preparation for our pup

One of the hardest parts of having a toddler and a puppy is that both are TODDLERS!  
Our daughter Kelsyann has been the center of attention for 2 years now and sharing this stage with a puppy is something she will have to adjust to.  It is so important that including her when possible is done in a positive manner so that she develops a fondness of the pup and enjoys the interaction.  With razor sharp teeth this is all about timing and planning.  I hope to share some of the fun things we do to help keep the peace.
One of the things we did was set up a crate and have her put her stuffed puppy in it while she played something else.  "puppies need rest."  This is important especially for the little ones who are so self centered and want to be with a puppy non stop.  We tell her that Quentin needs puppy alone time.  She needs alone time sometimes too and so that seems to make sense.  Try to connect your child's experience to what your puppy needs to help make things more understandable.

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