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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Doors you can depend on.

If you have a newborn in the house you must be sure that your doors close in a dependable way.  If your dog is able to push open a door to any room where the baby may be sleeping then this must be properly secured.

We added a hook and eye on the outside of our daughters nursery to prevent our dogs from nudging the unreliable door open.  

Your newborn is NEW to you and your dog.  It is essential that extra care be taken in those first days and weeks home.  Full awake adult supervision is a must.  It is also important to KNOW that any door you close is totally shut to prevent access of your dog to your newborn.  A gate is not enough.  Be sure your dog never has access to the nursery or sleeping baby while you are not right there.

We have many wonderful baby monitors that make it so much easier to close the door to the nursery so that you know your baby is safe and sound. 

Dogs usually adjust very well to a new baby but they are animals and it is important that families take extra precautions in those early weeks.  

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