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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dogs & Storks at the Oscars?

Yes, we had the pleasure of sponsoring Bone Appetit bakery at an Oscar event that took place at the Beverly hills luxory suite the 3 days prior to the big Oscar event. What a great opportunity. :) Our new Dogs & Storks DVD was in every Bone Appetit gift bag given out! Click here for photos!
Education is essential when it comes dog and baby harmony and safety. Reaching as many people as we can with a consistent and positive message is a huge part of what drives me. I believe passionaltely that if we can educate expecting families then we can decrease the number of dogs that are re homed and surrendered due to fear or a bite having already happened to a young child.
Many families do not know where to turn for advice as they prepare for life with baby. As an expecting Mom myself (4th baby on the way) I am frequently on message boards and read the suggestions from well intentioned but misinformed people that absolutely terrifies me. ex. allow dogs to sniff baby on the floor or bed when you first come home or correct your dog when they get too close to baby, or one of my favorites offer your dog a dirty diaper to become familiar with the baby scent! me...dogs don't need an invite to explore diapers! And...we do NOT want to encourage this! Anyway, when I chose to license the program out it was to create a greater impact by having highly qualified dog professionals all over the country offer this in their community. Currently we have well over 40 locations and growing. This is the first step towards getting Dogs & Storks type programs to be second nature when a family is preparing for a baby. Consistent and persistent presece in communities. We want all families to prepare and plan to prevent accidents. Education is the best cure for fear and hasty choices like giving up on a family dog. We want families to know that they can afford support and help from professionals. Got quesitons....give us a call or email us! We are here to help and participating in events like the one at the Oscars is just another way to make communities aware of this resource. So, when you think baby and dog...think....Dogs & Storks! Spread the word! Find us on Twitter and Facebook See you there!
Photo credit: Kevin Parry

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