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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dog Dishes no more!

As we prepare for our vacation we describe to our pet sitter how we feed the dogs. One gets their food tossed here, one there and the other two have either a canine genius or stuffed busy buddy or kong. You throw their food? she asks looking disgusted. Yep we never use bowls as it is a waste of an opportunity for some mental stimulation for the dogs. My clients have the same reaction when I tell them to begin allowing their dog to "hunt" for their meals. Do you really think your dog cares? Hunting for meals slows down the eating time, engages the senses and provides your dog an activity they enjoy! Go for it! There are many variations for this activity that are especially great for expecting Moms as they require little effort but create nice bonds and a fun game.
Kibble fetch is one that even Moms on bed rest can engage in.
Have measured amount of kibble. I suggest breaking up the days amount of food into several meals and put into a cup. Sit or lie down and ask you dog to do the same. Then roll or toss a kibble or two. Your dog will go get it and then return to look for more. Repeat.
There are many ways to make this challenging but this game is a great version of fetch that will be wonderful to include baby in down the road. So, abandon those bowls and engage the hunter in your dog! Have fun!

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