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Friday, August 6, 2010

Our family's brush with breed bans

It has been one heck of a couple of months. Not only did Kelsyann turn 1 but my husband was laid off and we were possibly having to move for a new job opportunity. This brought up so many challenges as we have 4 children 3 in different age schools. elem, middle and high school. The prospect of researching schools and real estate was overwhelming. A ton to consider. All of that was of concern BUT the biggest challenge was our dogs. For the first time I was faced with Pit bull bans in a VERY personal way. One of the biggest possibilities for my husband was in Ontario...yep....where certainly Windsor would not be welcome. I shed many tears over this possibly being the only offer my husband received. I never expected to be in this position and it was scary. With 4 kids, 4 dogs and 5 cats there are alot of mouths to feed and my husband’s job security is top concern. I wanted to say that absolutely NO WAY would we move to an area that had banning but...what if we had no choice? I know some of you are always have a choice. Well in today's ecconomy and with a large family...I was very afraid that our choices might be limited. After many sleepless nights we agreed that a move to a banning area would be an absolute last consideration.
Well, it seemed each location where a possible job might exist had issues around our dogs. Either the number or the bans. My husband would mention a town and location and I would pits allowed. This led to many conversations with our kids about the bans and discrimination in general. Finding a job in a community that would welcome all of our 4 legged family was not going to be easy. This really opened my eyes about the challenges and sad reality of breed bans.

I am happy to say that my husband got a perfect job in our same location and all is well but...what about the many families who aren't so lucky? How many kids are loosing their best friend? How many dogs are loosing their lives due to public fear and ignorance? Our boy Windsor has NO REASON on earth to love and trust people yet he does. Having been chained out and neglected for years this boy should not have any trust in people what so ever, yet he does. He is the most wonderful companion for our family. Here is an example of what I LOVE about this boy.

After getting the news of the new job and knowing all was well, we planned a vacation. In total we were going to be away about 3 weeks. Windsor goes on his own "doggie vacation" with someone he loves and adores him very much. There are always other dogs and kittens around there for him to give and receive love from. He has quite the fan club! I am amazed at how this boy rejoins our hectic home after 3 weeks away. He greets each dog very individually respecting each relationship. This is beautiful to see. For the German shepherd Duke, he goes on the floor and wiggles and bounces around but never touches as Duke has bad hips and Windsor has learned Duke does not play rough. For the siberian husky greeting Windsor jumps all around with bounding energy because he and bailey have a playful relationship. With our female senior mal/shepherd mix....he does a glance and lick in acknowledgement but...does not engage her as she is quite moody and has NO time for his enthusiastic antics. It is really awesome to watch and makes me appreciate him so much. What a good boy! How socially appropriate he is despite such a rough start. This is just his nature and it is wonderful. Well, that all impressed me BUT here is what impressed me MOST!

Kelsyann was in her high chair eating. Windsor was hanging out in the kitchen. Being 1 kelsyann loves to drop food and throw food. This is great fun for the dogs but we have taught them to wait until we say "clean up." Kelsy kept dangling a cracker over the edge of the high chair and then pulling it up. Windsor looked at the cracker and then looked at me and thumped his tail. He then came over to me. WHAT A GOOD BOY! After 3 weeks away this boy jumped right back into the swing of things in our hectic home! Wow.....I was very proud and needless to say he got a better treat then crackers. I guess my point in this post is that I am so sad to see such ridiculous laws passed based on the look of a dog. I am so very grateful that our family had opportunities that prevented us from having to choose financial stability or our dog.

I am disgusted that this is a reality for so many and I now completely understand why we fight so hard to educate and eliminate breed banning. I can not imagine our lives without Windsor. He is a wonderful dog who reminds us with the thumping of his tail that life is meant to be fun and full of love. I look forward to helping so many more Windsors out there!

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Faith said...

What an absolutely wonderful story. So glad you were not forced to choose between security and one of your fabulous family members, but totally understandable. Of course, it is a sad reality for far too many families/individuals and too many awesome dogs are losing their lives because of breed discrimination legislation across this country. Keep up the good work!