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Monday, August 16, 2010

German Shepherd and baby YOUTUBE

Here is an example of my problem with adoptathons. This dog is pretty calm but so many are not in these situations. Notice how the dog looks up for "help" as the child leans on him and is patting him? He is absolutely doing what he should to get out of this situation...look to his person. I can not tell you how many times I have seen kids behave this way at events and parents are distracted and or not present. Dogs at events such as this are already (often) stressed. Stressed dogs can be over reactive and over stimulated quickly. I caution parents about allowing their toddlers approach dogs in this situation. Toddlers are learning how to be gentle and move in a way that is not familiar to many dogs. Often the person holding the dog is a volunteer who has limited information and connection with the dog. This is very risky for all and if it goes wrong the dog will not get a second chance. If you want to adopt a rescue dog ( and I hope you do) and you have children PLEASE be extra careful around dogs at these events. If possible go outside to a quiet area or meet the dog in their foster home after the event.

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