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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No matter the breed. Dogs are dogs and respond as such. The licking, yawning and sniffing are all signals parents need to pay attention to. Not knowing the circumstance as to why they were side by side but...a young infant makes noises such as the hiccups and startles often. These noises can be interesting to a dog and cause them to explore more or be a bit rougher then a parent would like. It is not a good idea to expect your dog to be so close with your young baby. This makes dogs and parents uncomfortable. Notice the dogs signals, licking, sniffing, yawning etc. Then the parents...correcting the dog when he begins to lick lick lick the baby. The dog is being a dog and that is how they communicate. Set your dog and baby up for success by not putting them in situations where they will fail Sharing pillows is cute but also costly in this relationship.

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