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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


There have been many cases lately in the news about dogs. I do not often post actual stories but rather make suggestions about how to prevent accidents based on the circumstances surrounding the news. I am posting this story as it is a high profile case and many of you will see it and I want to point out what info we don't know and need keep in mind when we read this story.

First of all Dogs are dogs. They play with their teeth and paws and they LOVE to chase! This is why at NO time should children be unsupervised in a yard with ANY dog or worse yet DOGS! Dogs are NOT unpredicatable but rather VERY predictable in most cases.

Slide from the Dogs & Storks program

The article suggests the dog "just snapped." It is rare that a dog "just snapped" but rather the circumstances were just right for an accident to happen. Again, dogs are dogs and must be supervised with children at all times!
Here are some questions that I have about this sad loss.
1. Where are the dogs kept?
2. How are they kept?
3. How long have they had these particular dogs?
4. Are they spayed or neutered?
5. Where multiple dogs loose in the yard at the time of the incident?
6. What type of training have these dogs experienced?
7. How much exposure did the dog have with the child prior to this?
As you read the articles and the media madness please keep in mind that there are many factors to these cases and that an investigation takes time. The most realiable source for accurate information is the National Canine Research Council founded by Karen Delise. Karen investigates long after the media coverage dies down and gets the facts from the source.
There is no greater loss then that of a child and my heart goes out to the family. This is not a time to judge or blame any parent but rather a time to learn and help others prevent this type of situation through education.

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