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Thursday, October 2, 2008

I think I'm in what!?!

As expecting Moms near their due date this question seems to come up on a more frequent basis with some excitement and anxiety. It is with this in mind that I offer the next tip for your canine buddy. Do you and your pup a favor and when you pack your suitcase for the hospital…..pack one or two deliciously filled food dispensing toys and put it in the freezer for your dog to enjoy if and when you go into labor at home.
It is ideal to be able to labor at home for as long as you choose. It is important however to remember that your dog responds to the changes in your moods, scents and behaviors. So, if you have a pre made yummy treat stashed in your freezer and you feel contractions begin then you are able to offer your dog something to focus on while you focus on you and your body. It is important during early labor to keep moving and sometimes this can cause dogs to become anxious. If this is seems to be the case then allow your dog a quiet place in another room so that you are free to move around and can focus on your experience. This is a time when you are the priority and your dog will be enjoying the treat you prepared for him ahead of time. Keep in mind that if your water breaks at home that this is truly the first scent of baby. The amniotic fluid surrounding your baby has a unique and distinct scent of its own. Dogs have such a keen sense of smell and if this stage of labor should happen at home for you do your best to make it as calm and positive as possible as this is an opportunity to introduce the first scent of baby to your dog. Again, it is always fine to have your dog enjoy their delicious treat you prepared for them in another room while you focus on your labor experience and your baby. Many find this a calmer option for their dog and that allows you to focus as well.

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