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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Baby Lucy laughing with dog (from youtube)

The baby is question. Crawling towards a dog is often very uncomfortable for dogs. It is unclear what the baby is going to do and often dogs feel uneasy. Here you can see subtle signs indicating this. Notice the dogs shoulders go down as the baby crawls towards the dog. Lucky then does alot of side to side looking in an effort to avoid the direct front approach and eye contact of the baby in front of him. Ears back, mouth closed accept for lip licking and quick yawns. I notice more and more how dogs lick the face of people to deter them from coming closer. Each time the dog licks the baby's face the dog is trying to get more space but the owner is telling lucky no, lucky no. In the end lucky has no room and is cornered. This is very difficult and often when dogs snap.

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