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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family dog plays with baby (youtube video)

Many may feel this video is humorous and entertaining. To me it is asking for trouble down the road. The dog is a herding breed and is doing what she does best, we really want her to play this way with a child? What happens when the baby begins to move independently and not the way the dog wants or guides? Typically nipping might happen then and that would not be appreciated by Mom & Dad nor the baby. Allowing a dog to initiate this type of "play" activity is causing confusion and setting both up for challenges down the road. The baby will expect that all dogs jump, and move when they approach and the dog will feel entitled to herd the baby. It is ADORABLE to listen to the laugh and see the dog so happy the long run this "game" is not going to be appreciated. Dogs are dogs and those that feel their job is to herd or caretake a child can end up confused about their "job" and that can lead to a bad outcome for all.