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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Iris' teasing dog (youtube)

Here is a dog that is unsure and confused. Notice how the dog shifts body away from baby subtly. watch the lowering of his head as he glances at baby and turns away, lip licking and sniffing of the floor. The dog wants to continuing interaction with the adults but is confused and uncomfortable with the baby. This is a conflicting situation for the dog.
Then in the next location the baby approaches the dog. Notice the ears firm and back, dog snaps or licks baby's approaching hand while very clearly offering signs of discomfort and displeasre that the adults find funny. Notice as Coco finally moves away the closed mouth and ear posture. He has made a great choice to flee the situation and end the conflict. Sadly his attempts to communicate are being very unsuccessful and the adults are not helping to create a safe interaction for the baby and this dog. Parents can hold baby on their lap and pat their leg with the baby's hand to call the dog. Then treat the dog and offer "guided touch" petting with the parent holding the baby's hand open palm flat to pet the dog. This allows dog and baby safety and comfort vs. discomfort of the unknown touch.

Vincent and Ivan cuddling for one second (youtube)

This dog is wonderful in making good choices. The baby is engaging in a way that is "inviting play." But ....not the way Ivan knows. Interaction at the head with hands almost always leads to mouthing even if it is with a soft mouth. Ivan makes a great choice to go and get a toy to "play" with. Again, babies should not be allowed to explore the dog freely like this. Parents will nto appreciate the natural play mode of mouthing that it invites and will correct the dog. This can lead to confusion and conflict for the dog and miscommunication between dog and baby.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Great resources for dog safety tips!

If you are looking for information about dog safety and dog body language then is a great place to visit. Doggone Safe is the first non profit dedicated to dog bite prevention and victim support. Offering insight as to the "why's" dog bites happen, Doggone Safe has become one of the most trusted names in dog safety internationally. The new blog will allow more communication and updates that are sure to help all families and professionals.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dogs will be dogs!

So, we got back from a week at the beach. We did not take our dogs but they had their own vacation. We came home Saturday and Sunday morning was Easter. My hubby and I played our role of "Easter Bunny" as we do each year. We got everything ready for the morning. Each year we have put out plastic eggs and never have had a problem. The dogs usually join us in our bedroom and once asleep stay asleep. Well....this time we woke up to plastic eggs openned and scattered all over our living room floor! The look on my 8 yr old daughter's face was one I will never forget. The disappointment was clear. Anyway, our dogs reminded us once again that they are opportunists and when there is something available.....they may explore. We have been lucky the last many years to get away with being able to place eggs and not have anyone hunt for them. This year our dog's seemed to believe the hunt was for them and boy were they HAPPY we came home!
Just a typical story in a dog loving home. I will post another blog later this week as I get back into the groove.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Better.TV & Dogs & Storks

Dogs & Storks Presenter Cindy Bruckart was on a segment on BetterTV April 3. Check it out! Well done Cindy!