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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New puppy in your house?

To inquire about a licensed presenter in your area visit

I am always excited when I find something worth sharing.  Nu BowWow has some exciting opportunities for new pup parents as well as for all dog lovers!  Whether you like sharing your dog's image or are interested in some basic manners The village of Nu BowWow has something for you!
Our goal with Family Paws parent education programs is to offer ongoing support and education and resources that will help you and your dog be successful.  This is another great resource that will be expanding and growing.  I invite you to go and start having fun today as you share with other dog lovers!  This new resource will be one to watch and participate in!

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Jessie Thompson said...

I am attempting to find a presenter or to ask you personally a question, but the email keeps bouncing back. We live in Oklahoma. Are there presenters here?