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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Social pressures of parents, tots and dogs.

(Photo on left)  This is an image of one of my most loved dogs and my two sons.  notice the left paw lifted and her "cleaning" my son's face to make him MOVE away.  This  is not a "kiss" bur rather a lick that says...step away please and give me space...too crowded. 

I share my thoughts of some of the conflicts I am faced with while having a toddler and visiting friends with dogs. How would you feel if you were out with your dog and a toddler wanted to pet your dog and the parent encouraged the child not to? Would you feel they rejected you or your dog? What makes people do what they do?
Check the podcast here! Social pressures of parents, tots and dogs.

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Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

Not only would I not feel "rejected" I would be relieved that someone else understands that dogs are not just "furry people" who double as really good annies.

I am a dog owner and CRINGE when people brag about how their kids can "do anything to our dog, he just loves them." Sure he does, until the day he doesn't.

Or they believe (as we once mistakenly did) that a dog that is great with THEIR kids sees ALL kids in the same light. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I appreciate your campaign to enlighten people on dog behavior.

So many people - the majority really - seem to enjoy some fantasy where their dog is both a treasured family guard ready to spring into action and defend them but simultaneously a big furry teddy bear that wouldn't hurt a fly. The truth is probably more likely found somewhere in the middle.

I appreciate people who are cautious around dogs. I appreciate people who teach their children to be cautious and respectful.