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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The skill of prediction for parents.

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One of the most important skills as a parent with kids and dogs is the ability to "predict" an outcome.  This applies to many aspects of interaction.  Knowing your dog well and anticipating his response is essential to helping set your dog and baby up for success.  Here is an example of this.
In the top photo the baby is playing in the excersaucer close to the couch at eye level with the dog.  The dog may feel cornered and the baby may be able to reach the dog.
The middle photo shows the dog's response to the direct eye contact on his level by "avoiding" it and turning away. 
The third photo represents a more proactive placement of the baby equipment so that the dog and baby are more comfortable.  Notice the dog is able to comfortably face the baby now.  Increasing the distance between the couch and the excersaucer allows the dog space to leave the area and avoid a potential conflict.
Planning ahead and predicting responses to placement of equipment and the whereabouts of babies, toddlers and their dogs is an important skill parents must develop to help maintain safety and comfort for all.

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