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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dogs will be dogs!

So, we got back from a week at the beach. We did not take our dogs but they had their own vacation. We came home Saturday and Sunday morning was Easter. My hubby and I played our role of "Easter Bunny" as we do each year. We got everything ready for the morning. Each year we have put out plastic eggs and never have had a problem. The dogs usually join us in our bedroom and once asleep stay asleep. Well....this time we woke up to plastic eggs openned and scattered all over our living room floor! The look on my 8 yr old daughter's face was one I will never forget. The disappointment was clear. Anyway, our dogs reminded us once again that they are opportunists and when there is something available.....they may explore. We have been lucky the last many years to get away with being able to place eggs and not have anyone hunt for them. This year our dog's seemed to believe the hunt was for them and boy were they HAPPY we came home!
Just a typical story in a dog loving home. I will post another blog later this week as I get back into the groove.

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